Welcome to Wolf Pack Coaching

Our goal is to help you accomplish what others call impossible!

We offer triathlon specific strength training, heart rate and power meter analysis; swim analysis; nutritional advice and fueling for training and races; mental approach to triathlon training and racing; and balancing family, work, and other things that are important to you. We welcome beginner as well as experienced athletes. Just starting out, we have couch to 5K programs as well, focusing on running form.

Level 1

$99 monthly (+$150 Startup Fee)


Personalized Annual Training Plan geared towards your goals, abilities and lifestyle. Workouts include, time/distance, intensity/pacing and suggested terrain.

  • Unlimited e-mail contact with your coach.
  • Monthly phone consultation.
  • Initial evaluation of technique and form in swimming, biking and running.
  • Detailed Initial consultation to evaluate past performance and discuss season goals.
  • Monthly analysis of your training
  • Basic Athlete Edition Training peaks account
  • Workouts are sent in 4 week blocks

Level 2

$150 monthly (+$150 Startup Fee)


Weekly analysis of your training with quality feedback

Workouts are sent in 1- 4 week blocks (athlete Preference)

Repeat level 1…

Level 3

$250 monthly (+$150 Startup Fee)


Monthly planned meetings with your coach to evaluate technique and form

Premium athlete edition Training peaks account

Repeat level 3…